About Us

Since 1954, the North Bay and District Humane Society has been a key service provider within our community.  As a registered charity, we rely heavily on donations and a wonderful group of dedicated volunteers.  Our shelter is also guided by a volunteer Board of Directors who oversee our operations.  In addition, the facility has a team of devoted employees.

The North Bay and District Humane Society receives countless animal related inquiries on a daily basis.  Most calls are about animal welfare issues and can include requests for services that we cannot provide or that are not included in our legal mandate.  Although we have affiliated ourselves with the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, there are still guidelines set out to us by our service contract that regulate our actions and jurisdictions.

While many calls come to us from a variety of locals, such as Mattawa, Trout Creek, Marten River, or Témiscaming, these areas are actually outside of our contractual service area.  This means that, unfortunately, in the case of stray or abandoned animals we cannot step in to help with these areas.  People in these communities should be contacting their local animal control officer or municipal office.  However, our jurisdictional area extends when dealing specifically with animal cruelty investigations.