Surgical Fees

Cat Neuter $90
Cat Spay $140
Dog Neuter 5-75 lbs $175
Dog Spay 5-75 lbs $250
Additional fees are available for pets over 75 lbs
Call 705-478-8233 for more information

(Neuter = male, Spay = female)

All appointments can be prepaid by credit card or e-Transfer at the time of booking. For clients who don’t have a credit card option, you may pay with cash or debit on location at 2060 Main Street West, North Bay.

Optional Fees

The North Bay and District Humane Society offers additional services at the time of surgery. If you are interested in any of the services below, please notify us.

E-Collar / Cone of Shame $15
Microchip $25
Retained Baby Teeth (removal) $30
Cryptorchid $60
Nail Trim No Charge


If you are concerned that your animal may excessively lick their surgical site, E-Collars are available for purchase on the day of surgery.


Microchipping provides your pet with a unique, permanent form of identification. All shelters and many vet offices have the ability to read microchips, and your animal would be returned to you safely and quickly should they become lost.


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