Homeward Bound

Homeward Bound is a program that is available to pet owners who voluntarily purchase a city tag for their cat or dog. ***The tag must be for the current calendar year.

Qualified owners are allowed access to the Homeward Bound program on a once per year per license basis. In accordance with the Homeward Bound Program, the Humane Society will waive the impound fee the first time the animal is impounded, for pets of qualified owners if the owner has been in contact with the shelter or is available to receive the animal and pays for any outstanding fees.

In accordance with the Homeward Bound program, if the animal is not claimed by the owner and if the owner is not available to receive the animal by the end of the next business day following the day the animal is impounded, then the qualified owner is responsible for the $10.00 per day fee.

In accordance with the Homeward Bound Program, no other charges, fees, or fines are required to be waived other than the impound fee at first instance.

Dog & Cat Tags Now Available

Stop by the Humane Society at 2060 Main Street West or City Hall on McIntyre Street to pick up your animal licenses.

Remember, our Homeward Bound Program is only valid when your cat or dog tag is purchased voluntarily.

Tag Fees* (By-law No. 219-92)
Price with Proof of Rabies Vaccination $ 20.00
Price without proof of Rabies Vaccination $ 30.00

* City Tags Effective only January 1st to December 31 each year